A project part funded by the European Regional Development Fund in partnership with South Kesteven District Council, North Kesteven District Council, the National Trust and the Environment Agency.
Blue Green Corridor

Protecting and preserving our environment

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Protecting and preserving our environment

St Catherines Road

In-channel restoration works took place along the River Witham, Grantham, alongside the riverside walk from St Catherine's Road to Bridge End Road. 

These exciting improvement works involved the creation of in-channel berms to create variation and sinuosity within the river channel. Consisting of brushwood faggots (or fascines) and chestnut posts these berms introduced some more natural features into the channel.

As this section of the river channel is in an urban setting and confined by concrete banks on either one side or both, the river is not able to create a meandering channel across its floodplain as it would naturally. By installing these in-channel features we were able to help replicate some natural river features within its confines. 

By narrowing the river and creating variation within the channel these structures were able to provide habitat for different in-channel species which prefer faster and slower moving sections. These species at the bottom of the food chain are essential to supporting our larger animals throughout the blue green corridor.

Local contractors Lions and volunteers have created a number berms along this section of the River Witham. Below you can see the creation of the berms!

The Final Product!