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Protecting and preserving our environment

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Protecting and preserving our environment

Sedgwick Meadows

Photo by South Kesteven District Council

Sedgwick Meadows

National Trust’s Sedgwick meadows is one of the great green spaces in Grantham that provides amazing benefits to the local residents and further community. Footpaths provide both leisurely riverside walks and easy cut through across the meadow. 

The meadows, along with Grantham House and gardens, were gifted to the National Trust by Miss Winifred and Miss Marion Sedgwick in 1944, allowing them to be preserved over time.

Historically bordering Grantham, Sedgwick meadows has been encroached by the town as it has continued to grow, causing the meadow to now sit within Grantham. Providing local residents and wildlife with easy access to a greatly beneficial urban green space.

The Works

The National Trust’s Sedgwick Meadows provided an excellent opportunity to convert a low value grassland habitat into a species rich wildflower meadow.   

With the collaboration of the National Trust, South Kesteven District Council and the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, we were able to create a richer and more natural diversity of native plant species, providing important habitat for pollinators, other insects, birds and small mammals.

Sedgwick Meadows

 Dingy Skipper Butterfly

In order to create this amazing, diverse habitat, wildflower planting was undertaken at specified locations throughout the meadow. 

The works were completed by Lions Environmental Ltd in April 2023, with the wildflower meadow set to establish fully by Spring 2024.

Not only will the new wildflower meadow create important benefits for wildlife, it will also provide aesthetic benefits for the community, improving leisure and connecting walks through the area.

New wildflowers establishing on the site

Wildflower seeding being undertaken at Sedgwick Meadows

This page will be updated regularly as the projects develop. For more information about wildflower meadow creation and their benefits click here.