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Protecting and preserving our environment

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Protecting and preserving our environment

River Slea In-Channel Improvements

Photo by Lincolnshire Rivers Trust

Throughout the River Slea there will be a variety of in-channel improvements introduced to restore the straightened, over widened sections of the river into a more natural environment with more in-channel variation.

This in-channel variation will reinstate more natural processes, improving habitat quality and leading to an increase in species diversity.

The majority of the river running through Sleaford is over widened and straightened, constricted by hard banks. These in-channel works are able to work within the constraints of the hard banks, while improving the quality and quanitity of river habitat.

Some of these exciting restoration works will involve the planting of native species, encouraging an increase in the presence of native protected animals, such as water voles and kingfishers, which have limited habitat in the area.

River Slea


Providing high quality habitat for protected species is extremely important in the UK. One local example of a protected species in need of this habitat are water voles, which are in decline nationally, becoming increasingly threatened from habitat loss and predation from non-native species such as America mink.

Not only will in-channel improvements benefit the local wildlife populations, these works will also benefit the community by creating more aesthetically pleasing and interesting waterways to use for the commute, riverside walks or leisure activities.

This page will be updated regularly as the projects develop. For more information on in-channel improvements and their benefits visit the in-channel works, berm creation and bank softening pages.