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The Witham/Slea Blue Green corridor project is an exciting new partnership project funded by the European Regional Development Fund, South Kesteven District Council, North Kesteven District Council, Environment Agency, and National Trust, designed to restore and reconnect the river and river corridors through the urban reaches of both Grantham and Sleaford.

The project will focus on improving ecological connectivity by regenerating the rivers and river side habitats running through both towns, for the adaptability and resilience of the ecosystems, biodiversity, and the local and visiting populations. In light of current climate change events and recent climate change emergency pledges, this project will highlight and tackle the need and expectations for agencies to embark upon collaborative and partnership approaches to tackle environmental projects across landscapes and borders in order to advance efforts to protect, preserve and restore ecological connectivity for the benefit of our native wildlife, our ecosystems and our ecosystem services, as well as the health and wellbeing of resident populations and local economies.

Works to be undertaken include creating new wetlands, reconnecting flood plains, creating berms and adding gravel to reinstate more natural processes and improve and create habitats. Wildflower meadows will be created using seed and plant stock of local provenance, where possible, and will create an invaluable source of food for pollinating species, and thus support the entire food chain. Necessary tree works will be undertaken to ensure our tree stock remains healthy and able to continue supporting wildlife for many years to come, and footpaths will be installed and upgraded where necessary; creating essential transport links for both Grantham and Sleaford, as well as increasing public connectivity to the river and its environs. It is envisaged that elements of these works will provide an opportunity for community engagement and volunteering, whereby local communities can gain skills in traditional habitat improvement techniques, approaches and methods and ultimately create an aesthetically pleasing place to live, visit and invest in, whilst supporting a thriving, healthy and resilient ecosystem for both current and future generations.

This website is intended to fulfill several functions. It will be a source of information and education on river regeneration techniques, and provide links to case studies showcasing similar projects undertaken by both our partners and other agencies. It will also provide the opportunity for the project to team to keep the local communities abreast of project progress and provide a platform for public engagement and consultation, and to link in with other projects being undertaken alongside the Blue Green Corridor Project on the rivers in each town. In the coming weeks the project team will be updating the website with content including details on specific projects, case studies and articles. Once the projects start 'on the ground' there will be regular blog style updates about individual projects, and there will be the opportunity to sign up to receive alerts and updates to keep up-date with all that is happening with the river in your town!

Best wishes,

The Blue Green Corridor Project Team & Partners!