A project part funded by the European Regional Development Fund in partnership with South Kesteven District Council, North Kesteven District Council, the National Trust and the Environment Agency.
Blue Green Corridor

Protecting and preserving our environment

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Protecting and preserving our environment

Sleaford Footpath Improvement

The Sleaford Footpath Improvement Project

This project focused on two main footpaths and improving them through adding accessibility access and restoring them. 

The footpath for the River in Sleaford before the project takes place

Lollycocks Field

The Lollycocks Field in Sleaford is home to an array of wildlife and has seen many improvements over the past years through the partnership Witham/Slea Blue Green Corridor Project. Wildlife that can be seen here include a kingfisher nesting bank, hedgerow planting and scrapes for biodiversity and an extended boardwalk around the pond to protect ground vegetation. 

A part of the nature reserve included some steps from Eastgate, as a part of the project those stairs were changed to a ramp, allowing better access for prams and wheelchair users.  A 140m long resin path was installed along the existing earthen path, starting from the new ramp and ending at the pre-existing tarmac path that runs over the bridge near Sleaford Leisure Centre.  

Between the 11th April and the 3rd May the pathway was closed to allow our contractor A.G.A Group to start the restoration plan and an alternative route through Lollycocks Field was labeled.  

A new wooden gate was also installed, it has the same style and colour as the existing fence and has been added along a small stretch of land where Lollycock Field meets a section of the Council car park adjacent. This was added to restrict access on foot through the car park from Lollycocks during school hours only, when the car park is particularly busy with moving cars. 

This image shows a before and after of the steps leading to the footpath and being replaced with a rampA before and after image of the Lollycocks Field pathway

River Slea

A stretch of existing footpath along the northern bank of the River Slea, between he railway bridge and the old Cranwell railway line, was degraded and difficult to use due to the path wearing away overtime. 

On the 2th March, the footpath was closed to allow for our contractor A.G.A Group to work on the revamp with minimal safety issues and to ensure they can work quickly with little disruption. It was closed for a couple of weeks and during this time the public was provided with directions to an alternative route. 

During the time of closure a new gravel pathway was laid out and the greenery surrounded was given a healthier place to live, which allowed it to grow better. This was done to help people better enjoy and appreciate the beauty of our environment and the wellbeing benefits it brings. 

These images show how the revamp has made the footpath look a lot more pleasing to the eye and the surrounding plant life looks healthier. 

An image showing the before and after of the Riverside path restoration in SleafordAnother image showing the before and after of the Riverside path restoration in Sleaford