A project part funded by the European Regional Development Fund in partnership with South Kesteven District Council, North Kesteven District Council, the National Trust and the Environment Agency.
Blue Green Corridor

Protecting and preserving our environment

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Protecting and preserving our environment

Scrape Creation and Grassland Management

Scrape Creation and Restoration

Over August 2022 two new scrapes have been created in Lollycocks Field, Sleaford.

This part of the Looking after Lollycocks Project under the Witham Slea Blue Green Project will refurbish the existing scrape onsite and create two more!

Scrapes are shallow depressions with gently sloping sides, which seasonally hold water and remain damp for most of the year. These wetted features are very beneficial to wildlife, supporting amphibian and invertebrate species by creating refuge and breeding sites.   

Site of a scrape being prepped for installation

Grassland Management

Hill Holt Wood cutting and baling the meadow

The Neutral and Fen grasslands onsite will be enhanced to help boost diversity and its ability to capture carbon, while wildflowers will be added to support local species.  

Wildflowers are so important for insects and pollinators. Their leaves, pollen and nectar create an excellent food and habitat source, enabling small species such as caterpillars to live on their flowers, and pollinators like bumblebees to eat their nectar and spread their pollen. In turn this allows wildflowers to spread as they can develop seeds and disperse them.  

Not only are wildflowers an important food source, they also provide shelter, nesting material and refuge for birds and small mammals.